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Important Information Regarding the Midterm Elections

Go to the polls informed and prepared by reading through our voting resources below.


Guest Biography

William Federer is a nationally known speaker, best-selling author, and president of Amerisearch, Inc., a publishing company dedicated to researching America’s noble heritage.

Bill’s AMERICAN MINUTE radio feature is broadcast daily across America and by the Internet. His Faith in History television airs on the TCT Network on stations across America and via DirectTV.


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The Seven Mountains of Societal Influence

In 2000, Lance Wallnau launched the 7 Mountain Mandate, a powerful, transformative campaign intended to bring about social transformation.

These seven fields of society must be reached and ultimately conquered:

Religion & Faith; Family; Education; Government & Law; Media, News & Commentary; Arts & Entertainment; and Business & Economics.

The Kingdom of God is enormous – far bigger than your family or local church. To deliver the truth of God’s Kingdom and unite the Body of Christ with the world at large, we believe we have a mandate to bring Godly change to our nation and, in truth the world, through the seven spheres – or mountains – of societal influence.

7 Mountains

Our vision is the reformation of Nations by igniting the latent potential in the Body of Christ. Our mission is to establish and catalyze a movement that promotes the true reformation and flourishing of Nations through the teachings of Jesus Christ, empowering His people by providing content, cohesion, and direction to our 7M coalition.

Religion & Faith

In the west, Christianity is under attack and the concept of God is being rejected more than ever. We believe that the Church must revive its previously strong influence on Western society, expanding the Kingdom of God by spreading knowledge of the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Church is tasked with expanding His message through ministerial efforts in our nation and across the world.


The family is the centerpiece of any functioning society. Unfortunately, families in the U.S. have been under attack and suffered from dysfunction for decades. Divorce, fatherlessness, abuse and homosexual marriage are among the primary culprits. We believe God wants to bring healing to marriages and relationships, ending this chaos and providing a solid moral foundation for our children.


Once, our education system unapologetically incorporated biblical principles and prayer into students’ daily routines. Now, our children are being indoctrinated with liberal ideologies, atheistic teaching and postmodern principles in our public schools and even in Christian institutions. We seek to restore biblical truth and Godly morality into our country’s America’s failing educational system.

Government & Law

A nation’s moral condition is often reflected in its political leaders. Unfortunately, we have seen a steady increase of political corruption, as well as a steady erosion of the link between our government and legal system and the Christian values upon which our country was founded. Our ultimate goal for this mountain is put into place righteous political leaders who will bring Godly principles into all areas of government.

Media, News & Commentary

The Media, News & Commentary mountain includes sources such as TV, radio, newspapers, online news, and, of course, the hugely influential social media sites and blogs on the Internet. To bring transformation to this enormous mountain, we shall speak the truth from a Biblical perspective to combat the sea of disinformation spread by liberal elite outlets and other mainstream media sources.

Arts & Entertainment

Music, movies, television, and social media wield enormous influence on our youth, and the dark forces of sex, drugs, alcohol and immorality that permeate these fields are spreading dangerous messages to our children. The body of Christ is in desperate need of righteous people who take their talents into these fields and are unafraid of using their platform to further His greater purposes.

Business & Economics

The free market system is a God-given gift, enabling us to build wealth through enterprise, creativity and effort. We believe in limiting the role of government in our nation’s business practices and allowing the free markets to run their course. We also espouse prosperity with a purpose, calling upon those who manage businesses to lead with integrity, honesty and by biblical principles.

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